Public databases

Processed images
Fully processed images in jpeg format, including true color images and surface brightness maps, are made publicly available though a dedicated navigation tool and image browsing facilities, such as band switching, color and contrast changes, catalog superimposition or image profile cuts.

HiPS images available at CDS, January 2021
HiPS images for the all MATLAS fields and bands have been produced and made available to the community through the Aladin Lite and Aladin desktop facilities, with all the associated services of the CDS.
Example of image navigation with Aladin Lite

Second data release, April 2020
Full sample of 177 early type galaxies galaxies from the Atlas3D sample, with deep g and r images (u and i bands available for a sub-sample). The survey is presented in Bilek et al., 2020, submitted to MNRAS. Data are complemented by a sample of 55 late type galaxies from the Atlas3D parent sample located in the field of the ETGs.
Image browsing relies on developments made by the VisiOmatic project using the IIPImage web client developed

Image and field selection interface
Observation status of the ETG sample
Observation status of the LTG sample

First data release, 2015
A sample of 92 galaxies with available deep g and r images, released as part of the Atlas3D survey. The survey is presented in Duc et al., 2015
The multi-band images can be browsed with a google earth type navigator.

Original fits images
Original raw and stacked fits images of the MATLAS survey are available at the CADC / CFHT archives. Those processed with the optimized Elixir-LSB software are available upon request.