MATLAS images available with Aladin @ CDS

MATLAS Aladin interface

HiPS images for the all MATLAS fields and bands have been produced and made available to the community through the Aladin Lite and Aladin desktop facilities, with all the associated services of the CDS.
Many thanks to Thomas Boch and the CDS team at Strasbourg astronomical observatory !

Second data release of MATLAS images

MATLAS navigation interface

Full sample of 177 early type galaxies galaxies from the Atlas3D sample, with deep g and r images (u and i bands available for a sub-sample). The survey is presented in Bilek et al., 2020. Data are complemented by a sample of 55 late type galaxies from the Atlas3D parent sample located in the field of the ETGs.
Fully processed images in jpeg format, including true color images and surface brightness maps, are made publicly available though a dedicated navigation tool and image browsing facilities, such as band switching, color and contrast changes, catalog superimposition or image profile cuts. Image browsing relies on developments made by the VisiOmatic project using the IIPImage web client developed

Data can be accessed from here

Shells around NGC 474 (image release)

© Duc/Cuillandre/CFHT/Coleum

A network of shells of various colors and thus stellar populations around the ETG NGC0474. True color (combination of g and r bands) image obtained with the MegaCam camera at CFHT as part of the Atlas3D project, and processed by Coleum. Appeared in the 2012 issue of the CFHT calendar and in the Astronomical Picture of the Day

This system is discussed in Lim et al. (2017), who present evidence for the association of globular clusters with the shells.

Image release: Stephan’s Quintet

@ CFHT/Duc/Cuillandre

The field around NGC 7331 and the Stephan’s Quintet, as seen by MegaCam. The true color composite image reveals multiple foreground and background structures, such as Milky-Way cirrus emission, extended stellar halos around the galaxies and tidal debris of past collisions.
The image was obtained with the same procedure as for the MATALS survey; it was originally aimed at being published in the CFHT yearly calendar.
Published in Duc et al 2018

Group image release 1 (as part of Atlas3D)

A sample of 92 galaxies with available deep g and r images (all located outside the Virgo cluster) presented in the Atlas3D paper XXIX: Duc et al., 2014. Images were obtained as part of of a series of regular multi–semester PI and snapshot programs in the framework of the ATLAS3D project (serving as a pilot program for MATLAS). The galaxies presented in this image release were observed between 2010 and 2013.

Early-type galaxies as seen by SDSS and MegaCam (image release)

Each panel displays true color images obtained with MegaCam on the CFHT (Right: composite of g’+r’+i’ or g’+r’ observations), and for reference with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Top left: SDSS/DR8 image queried from the navigation tool Aladin @ CDS). Their field of view corresponds to 40 times the effective radius of the galaxy. A grey- scale g’-band version of the MegaCam image, with a field of view of about 57×57 arcmin, is displayed to the bottom right. To better identify the various objects in the field – galaxies, but also foreground stars and extended Galactic cirrus –, the composite g+r or g+r+i image has been superimposed in overburden areas. The white square delineates the area covered by the other sub-panels.

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